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He was PERFECT. / Houston Newborn Photographer
Monday, August 19, 2013
He was PERFECT. / Houston Newborn Photographer

Ok, I'm about to say "love" A LOT. But I love this little guy! When I say he was perfect - he was PERFECT. He ate as I was setting up and then slept the ENTIRE session. Start to finish. I must have moved him around 100 times in different positions, different props, with his parents, swaddled... and he stayed asleep. UNBELIEVABLE! And I love, love, love that we incorporated a very special bracelet that Mom's father (and Baby Bennett's namesake) wore every day. How special to have this momento to remember him by and to see how little Baby Bennett is with it around his wrist. A very special image indeed. Thank you so much K family for allowing me to capture this very special time in your lives!

Sisters / Houston Newborn Photographer
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
He was PERFECT. / Houston Newborn Photographer

I've watched this family grow and grow over the years and was so excited to meet new baby sister! Dad sure is one lucky guy with that house full of beautiful girls. (but I feel sorry for any guy that wants to date them in the future! haha!) Baby sister is already so adored by her big sisters and I can only imagine how close they will grow over the years... and how much PINK PINK PINK there will be! Congrats Luster Family! It has been such a privilege watching your family grow!