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Where will the photo session take place?

Anywhere you want! While the comfort of your own home and backyard is always a great option, there are many places around town that offer beautiful backdrops that we can choose from. Do your kids love a certain park? Is there somewhere sentimental to your family? After booking your session, we will have lots of discussions and find a place that will allow us to capture the type of portraits you want. 

What should I wear to our session?

First and foremost, be comfortable. Since I take a more natural approach to the session, you don't want to be walking around in shoes that hurt or clothes that don't quite fit properly.

I usually tell clients to find 3-4 colors that are in the same tone (not matchy-matchy) and go from there. Solids, stripes, polka dots are great, but beware of logos and writing - they can really distract from a subject. Funky, bold accessories are great! I love cowboy hats and boots, bright scarfs, socks and hats. I personally think the brighter and bolder the better! This will be something we will go over before our session as well.

Should my family match?

Absolutely not! While the "tone" of the outfits should coordinate, please don't feel like everyone needs to be in jeans and a black button down shirt. Again, I am happy to suggest options with you. 

What size can I print the images?

I will give you the full high resolution photo, so feel free to blow that sucker up big! 

What will our session be like?

FUN! I want to be your friend and really get a feel for who you are so we create a relaxed atmosphere. Get them excited with comments like "We're going to go play with my friend Nicole tomorrow and she's going to take some pictures and it will be so fun." 

What is the best time to take pictures?

Sunrise and sunset - no one looks good with bright mid-day sun on them! Newborn sessions can take place anytime during the day since the majority of our session is indoors.

When should I book my newborn session?

As soon as possible! Since the actual delivery date is unknown, I only schedule a certain number of newborn sessions a month to ensure I can fit everyone in. Once these are filled - they are filled. Newborn sessions take place within the first 2 weeks after delivery - ideally days 5-10.